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At First Call Home Health, we are devoted to providing excellence of care to our clients. These testimonials mean a lot to us because they let us know that we have helped people.

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Testimonials from Professionals we work with

Just wanted to send you a quick email stating how much we love working with your staff when they come into our community. Our residents, families and staff all appreciate the hard work and compassion that your First Call staff demonstrate. We look forward to continue to work with you team in the future.

Salina Martinez
Executive Director
River Road Assisted Living, Keizer Oregon

I’m very happy with the care given by First Call Home Health. We have a resident who just had a stroke and I requested that the PT-OT be from First Call. The doctor said, “Oh sure”, and I was thrilled.


I have been working with Cynthia and First Call Home Health for quite some time and we are pleased to continue to do business with them. We appreciate First Call’s willingness to learn our organization and how we prefer to operate. They take it one step further by aligning themselves with our vision to become a seamless extension of our operation. This extra effort makes the difference with our families and resources. Thank you for taking the time and effort to set the standard.

Kathy Sivers
Director, Sales & Marketing
Clare Bridge of Salem

Client Testimonials

Thank you to all the caregivers from First Call Home Health, especially Laurie. Laurie is so kind and always gives me a boost in spirits when she comes around.

Judy H

First Call Home Health always helps. They care and are not afraid to do their job. You just cannot thank them enough. They are all great people.

Bennie A

Kathy and Janelle are very nice. They were very patient in showing me the exercises and then they stayed with me until I clearly understood the PT directions. I am very pleased with the care from First Call Home Health and would highly recommend this company to my friends and family.

Mary M

My husband and I are very pleased with Eric and his help with me during physical therapy. I am stronger now and walking again, two times daily to the dining room. I am able again to be socially active. I am very pleased with how Eric worked with me.


I have nothing but high praise for those from First Call who are coming out to see me. They are great and I’m getting better!


We have been very satisfied and happy with the care in our home from First Call Home Health. We have had our questions and concerns answered promptly from the staff that has come out.

July 2010

First Call Home Health has taken care of my parents at various times. They are very professional. It has always been a positive experience for my parents and myself.

Teri R.

They are great.

Wayne M.

I recently told my doctor that if I needed home health, DO NOT send anyone unless they have a purple folder and are from First Call Home Health. Otherwise, I will not let them in the door. First Call Home Health does a great job and I have been impressed with everyone that they send out to help me.

Luella T.

Everyone at First Call is professional and caring – willing to go the extra mile. My husband has shown progress and is able to do more for himself which frees me up to do my things. I would highly recommend this service to everyone.

Rayoline C.

John, PT, was outstanding. He took an extra step forward to help out. I would recommend him for a raise. When he smiles at you he means it.

Mark L.

All of your staff were very professional, on-time and very knowledgeable.  We truly appreciated all they did for Dorothy. Especially coming into the home when Dorothy was not able to go to the office. Eric was especially great!  Very caring, knowledgeable and a great sense of humor. We miss Eric and did not want him to stop coming over. However, his wonderful care mad that unnecessary. Eric is the greatest!


I have enjoyed all the staff who have worked with me. I have gained invaluable information for taking responsible care of myself. Thank you all.


Eric is just fantastic, top of the field in my opinion. I feel that First Call is very fortunate to have such a talented therapist. First Call is very knowledgeable, good presentation and instructing, very encouraging. They are firm but gentle push when needed and fantastic personality and cheerful.

Jan 2010

I had wonderful care. They are caring people. Thanks to them I’m doing great.

Doris Bishop

Excellent organization. I received excellent care.

James Davidson

 I had excellent care. Very compassionate and professional to everyone concerned.

Raymond González

First Call has been extremely helpful and on the spot whenever I called for supplies with concerns. They were very competent and helpful. Sweet ladies.

Florence Gross

First Call, all were very kind and helpful.

Vera Mae Hall

First Call, all the agents were helpful. I was happy to thank each and every one

Shirley Hendrickson

I would like to thank all of you who came out to help take care of me. You all did a good job. Also special thanks for the late night call when I was so upset. Thank you.

Mary Hicks

I want to thank each P.T. And O.T. as they were all wonderful… Renay, Holly, Coleen, Kim, Robin, Anne, Wendy, Sasha, Jim, John, and Ben Thank-you.

Joyce Herner

Nice people work there, and they’re very friendly.

Vera Lacey

Great job by all you who helped mom get on her feet faster. You did a job that I admire and could not have done myself.

Gerda Leibe

I was pleased with my care.

Jeanette Mackey

The agency is reputable and the care is good.

Ellen McLoud

Julie Clark is a wonderful nurse and Ojita, the bath aide is the best. They both are the best! I hope your company recognizes this. They give people the best care.

Robert Mullins

I wish to thank the staff and those who took care of me here at Lakeside.

Edna Ogg

They all were very nice.

George Powell

The entire team was uplifting and positive. They showed concerned where needed and always let me know that I should call them day or night. They kept in touch with my doctor over specific concerns.

Gertrude Ralls

All the office workers, aides, and nurses are terrific. I am very satisfied. Marni and my bath person are super. I really enjoy when they come to see me.

Elaine Rogers

Thank you for your help. I need a lot of help because I will be 90 years old.

Juanita Rose

I want to thank the wonderful team that tended to me and let them know they were missed after their time was up with me.

Elizabeth Ross

Thank you so much for healing my foot.

Chester Smith

All of the therapists were very helpful, I am thankful for all that they taught me during my home care. They were both always on time and ready to help me get well.

Henry Splonski

Your agency provided excellent and professional care. I was extremely pleased with the two physical therapists, Eric and Cliff. Ouida was extremely helpful in assisting me with a shower. All were very professional and pleasant.

Raymond Troup

They all were very good with me.

Rose Vessey

My therapists were the greatest. We have made all the changes recommended and continue doing the exercises.

Margaret Westing

I was treated very well.

Sandra Wilkinson

They were very helpful in setting up my home so I can be independent.

Gloria Ainsworth

Ben Mitchell was thorough in treating my wounds and working with me on my exercises that I needed to do. I felt helped and encouraged after his visits.

Donald Blakely

All the people were very helpful and extra concerned because I had just lost my son at the same time I left the hospital.

Dorotha Borland

I would like to thank Cliff and Eric for their excellent care and advice. Their encouragement to do the exercises, that were difficult at the time, made it easier to do.

Maxine Brassel